Paranormal Activiaty

Rate: 3 of 5

Genre: horror. (it looks like a documentary film). NC 16 in my country.

Paranormal Activity is that you can analysis on an invisible presence. The scientific meaning of “Paranormal” is to find a truth from below a surface. The other meaning is to analysis the supernatural world. I always watch “Ghost Hunter” and “Tape” at AXN but it is not aired currently now. They are also involved in the paranormal activity.

In the beginning of the film, it may be boring scenes as it has no subtitle. It has many dialogues in the film. Few activities from the film are true. One of them is put the salt on the floor to identity the presence. I had tied it before and it works. But in this sence, there is just false footprint (only 3 toes). I do not believe the demonic 3 toes foot.


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