The Other Bolyen Girl ( novel and movie)


The bolyen girl (noval/movie)

Rate of the movie: 2.5 of 5

Genre: Romance, Envious, Power, Betrayal and Politic

This title was based on a historicial novel by Phillppa Gregora ( my favourite author). It is very enjoyable to read that book. Imgaine being a women in 1500s. The main character is Mary Bolyen, unknown historic figure and the second one is Anne Bolyen, Queen Elizbeth I’s mother and a first known beheaded queen who was guilty of treasoning, witchcraft and incestous crime.

This is a film that is different much from the novel. It did not follow the novel because it was the projected budget and difficult to follow mostly. The novel is better than the film as the novel tell you more details than the film.


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