Dinner Buffet at Fiesta Brasilia

Fiesta Brasilia is a causal restaurant for a brazilian cuisine.

Service Rate: 4 of 5

Food Rate: 4.5 of 5

Value: 60 Dollar and above. Dinner buffet costs me $44.85 nett, i think.

I was greeted surprise with my dining partner by the cheerful waiter. The waitress offered me a hand when i carried a sauce bottle. The design of the restaurant is quite nice and causal. Black wall. yellow thick tissue that is used to lie on your lap. culinary are nice design and heavy metal. You need to choose salad, hot vegetable, seafood and rice buffet on your own. Mussles are fresh and cooked with the special gravy. You can try brazilian rice. Apple and eggplant in a dish has sweet taste. Ice cream are very thick and taste like homemade. However, the server will display various meats on a long metal stick for you to choose at your table. It is quite enjoyable and amazing to be served by the meat carrier. The various meats are gizzard (meaty), lamb leg (good), beef ( wonderful taste), cod ( thick, fresh and meaty, actually grilled), chicken breast and wing (quite spicy),ribs ( i dont dare to eat), sausage ( fresh and homemade) , honey pineapple ( very nice and juicy), bacon with chicken breast (chuny) and ham (taste like homemade). I felt comfort and relax there. It is quite memorable.

You can try Brazilian cocktail and main course (not buffet).

Apologise if my writing is quite messy as i am in rush.


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