The Other Bolyen Girl ( novel and movie)


The bolyen girl (noval/movie)

Rate of the movie: 2.5 of 5

Genre: Romance, Envious, Power, Betrayal and Politic

This title was based on a historicial novel by Phillppa Gregora ( my favourite author). It is very enjoyable to read that book. Imgaine being a women in 1500s. The main character is Mary Bolyen, unknown historic figure and the second one is Anne Bolyen, Queen Elizbeth I’s mother and a first known beheaded queen who was guilty of treasoning, witchcraft and incestous crime.

This is a film that is different much from the novel. It did not follow the novel because it was the projected budget and difficult to follow mostly. The novel is better than the film as the novel tell you more details than the film.


Is My Life of Being Hearing Impaired Boring?

Someone, who is very extreme extrovert and socialized, asked me if i am bored on a rest of my life of being hearing impaired. Good question to me. I am really surprised that he is first person to ask me directly even thought my normal peers wondered they were me and  would be dead bored. You know, ” no life without music”. It does not mean that hearing impaired people can not enjoy the music. In the fact, they really enjoy listening and watching music video. Sometimes, i am wearing headset to listen the music at home. 

I was a child who always thought a life was meaningless without understanding a natural purpose. I had not idea where i could go. You call it “hopeless”. I admit that i came from bad primary school which did not fill my life with no meanings. However, my second school gave me some meanings. Then starting my career gives me many meanings. Now, i need to be more slacking. More slacking = more self-discovery, understand?

When i became a teen, I started to wide my eye somethings which happened around me and do not think my life is very boring. I am born in the less verbal communication and more non verbal-observation world. I enjoy being not bother by unwanted or eerie noises and being able to concentrate longer. It is good observing skills. Do you know the inventer of the first battery was also hearing impaired? The inventor, Thomas Edward, remarked on being hearing impaired that he was able to focus on his experiment without being bothered by noise and enjoyed analysis on the experiment. You have 5 normal senses. When you lack one of 5 senses you may get “sixth” sense that can be instinct, third eye, supernatural sense, vibration detect or etc. If you do not work on your own sixth sense, it will not work strongly.

If my life of being deaf is very boring, i sit and do nothing and just rely on the carers/family members without knowing a meaning of my life. It kills me already. If it is not boring, it means that i have a serious ambition and a serious dream.

 However, some deaf people feel outnumbered before a surrounding of normal people or being ignored by the normal people and think they are useless to the normal people. For instance, hearing officers are chatting over lunch and leave a deaf officer continue eating. If the deaf officer is very socialized and talkative, she/he will ask many questions to someone who sit next to before the group. If he/she is thinker and introvert, he/she will work out mentally on her/his works. That’s why some companies hire deaf people to complete quickly. Some deaf think their life is boring without filling a meaning. I always seek something that inspire me often.

The Duchess

The Duchess

Rate: 4.5 of 5

Genre: documentary, romance and politics

A young lady, Georgiana, was betrothed to a duke by their parents in 1779 ( at least, I remember it is 1779). She asked her mother if the duke really love her and the mother assured her that he did. After her wedding at the church, she was nervous that she had to live with her new husband together at his mansion. She had to learn to face a politic as the duchess. She bore him 3 female children and failed to give him a male heir. During the disappointment, the duke started to seek a solace. Georgiana met a lady, Foster duchess who lived in an abusive marriage and was unable to see her 3 male children due to her position and decided to give her a safe place – her home. (It is common for women to face their abusive marriages in 1700s as there were no woman’s rights) Mrs Foster moved in to her place and became a new family member under the same roof. Georgriana started to be doubtful about her husband’s secret activities. The husband failed to show his love to her and spent more time with his dogs than with his wife as the wife spent more time with her children than him. The wife started to lose the faith in him who had the secret affair with Mrs Foster and met her childhood friend who had ambition for a political position. Charles Grey fell in love with her. and had secret affair with her. The duke suspected about their inmate affairs and warned her about a loss of the political position for continuation of the intimate affairs. It left the choices to her to decide if she lost everything or stay out of the affair.

I am impressive on the lovely true story. I recommend the film for these who are interested in people from the historical caste/era.

Dinner Buffet at Fiesta Brasilia

Fiesta Brasilia is a causal restaurant for a brazilian cuisine.

Service Rate: 4 of 5

Food Rate: 4.5 of 5

Value: 60 Dollar and above. Dinner buffet costs me $44.85 nett, i think.

I was greeted surprise with my dining partner by the cheerful waiter. The waitress offered me a hand when i carried a sauce bottle. The design of the restaurant is quite nice and causal. Black wall. yellow thick tissue that is used to lie on your lap. culinary are nice design and heavy metal. You need to choose salad, hot vegetable, seafood and rice buffet on your own. Mussles are fresh and cooked with the special gravy. You can try brazilian rice. Apple and eggplant in a dish has sweet taste. Ice cream are very thick and taste like homemade. However, the server will display various meats on a long metal stick for you to choose at your table. It is quite enjoyable and amazing to be served by the meat carrier. The various meats are gizzard (meaty), lamb leg (good), beef ( wonderful taste), cod ( thick, fresh and meaty, actually grilled), chicken breast and wing (quite spicy),ribs ( i dont dare to eat), sausage ( fresh and homemade) , honey pineapple ( very nice and juicy), bacon with chicken breast (chuny) and ham (taste like homemade). I felt comfort and relax there. It is quite memorable.

You can try Brazilian cocktail and main course (not buffet).

Apologise if my writing is quite messy as i am in rush.