Jennifer’s Body


Rate: 2.5 of 5

Genre: Partial nudity, violence language and disturbing.

I realised that the image of this poster is not suitable for the story in the film. I thought it was comedy horror but it is not. The image should look more serious and demonic.

From the story, Jennifer and her best friend, Needy, were together since their childhood. Jennifer ignored Needy’s advice and chose to follow the gothic band who were practising the demonic witchcraft. The band sacrificed her to a devil at a windfall by killing her and leaving the body. The dead body was retrieved itself like zombie. She started to eat flesh after her baiting on bad guys. Needy managed to stop her. 

In the film scenes, sexual behaviour and nudity appear. A demonic appearance also.


3 thoughts on “Jennifer’s Body

  1. i am impressed on how you do a movie review. Despite of havin diffrerence on how you found and how i found the movie, your safe words and innocence seemed to be more logical than what I ever thought! Good on yah mate! I’ll keep readin your blog and support it! Cheers for your Bailey’s.
    On your rocks!

    • Oh. Thanks alot. I have little times to write other posts. sigh. I will inform the fresh posts at facebook so that you can visit my blog and read. Yes, I love Bailey.

  2. An enjoyable teen horror with terrific performances and a nice line in jet-black humor thanks to Diablo Cody’s excellent script. Nice Review, check out mine when you get a chance!

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