My Supper at Breeze of The Scarlet hotel

I was in low spirit and had a craving for a drink at The Scarlet, my all-time favourite. A host gave me a warmth and friendly greeting and guided me to a table where you can see the sky and the skyscrapers. I am very impressed on a dress on the waitress and waiters. The loose dress is made of fine cotton like you wear this way in topical weather. It is long sleeves and long pant in cream brown. I like to wear this kind clothing.  I realised why it is called Breeze. You can feel breeze at the outdoor rooftop.  It is actually big electric fans.

I ordered a rock glass of  Bailey with cola and milk, a side dish of baby potato and a bowl of wild berries with a shot of Grand Maria. Bailey is my favourite drink. It is added with cola to taste wonderful and sweet creamy. In the dessert, the lemon sobrt ice cream is very nice. I enjoyed the sights and the comforts there.


Jennifer’s Body


Rate: 2.5 of 5

Genre: Partial nudity, violence language and disturbing.

I realised that the image of this poster is not suitable for the story in the film. I thought it was comedy horror but it is not. The image should look more serious and demonic.

From the story, Jennifer and her best friend, Needy, were together since their childhood. Jennifer ignored Needy’s advice and chose to follow the gothic band who were practising the demonic witchcraft. The band sacrificed her to a devil at a windfall by killing her and leaving the body. The dead body was retrieved itself like zombie. She started to eat flesh after her baiting on bad guys. Needy managed to stop her. 

In the film scenes, sexual behaviour and nudity appear. A demonic appearance also.

Tea Cosy at Plaza Singapura

Tea Cosy is a shop plus a cafe at 5th level next to the Spotlight In Plaza Singapura. The cafe is international and mostly western. The shop is selling many vintage furnitures.

Service: 5 of 5 (The lady served a hearing impaired well)
Food: 4 of 5 (many dishes are homemade)
Value: $15 and more

My first visit was for grabbing a dessert and second visit was for dinner. A design in the shop is changed alot between the both visits. However, the menus is changed little only.  My dinner was Braised Duck Pasta that is with garlic and homemade tomato sauce. the taste is good. I grabbed a homemade chocolate cupcake. The cafe bake various cupcakes daily.