Second Edition: I divided few sections but do not edit anything here. 

Genre: Horror, Disturbance and Action
Rate: 3 of 5

This current movie at a cinema has no subtitle. I can give a review on their action and behaves. In this poster, you see the skin was torn like snake’s skin was torn away. A sleeping man in a hibernate machine for a long period has an aging skin. You see another ugly figure. It is the aliens.

Two men woke up from the hibernate machine in an abandoned space ship and were recovering in their memory. One of them got out of a locked cabin while other remained in the controlling cabin and found something was wrong outside the main cabin. Outside, there were a lot of aliens that ate human flesh badly. (Yucky) You can see many aliens bite the screaming man’s torso. It makes me sick. He found few crews were alive but was not sure who he could trust due to fearful survives. Few greedy crews were not survived.  In the end, the huge wreck ship was actually in deep ocean  instead of an outer space. Few waking survivors managed to escape from the wreckage in the deep ocean and the ship sent automatically all sleeping people in the bed machines out of itself.


I am looking forward “The vampire’s assistant” and “Paranormal Activity” in coming months.



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