Facts of Being Hearing Impaired, Hearing Impairment and a Hearing Impaired in a Community

Second Edition – grammatical error and omission and addition of information

I like to share a difficult issue as an awareness of hearing impairment is low currently and the high frequency of discrimination does exist. I experience citricisms and rudeness from some foreigners from developing countries who are not aware about hearing impairment culture and consider hearing impaired people as a low-caste (refer to social class)! Many hearing impaired people in developing countries are lowly educated and have a low morale there. I am born in my developed country. I had attended my public secondary school with hearing students in a same education system. Some hearing impaired people are degree holders already. I am going to describe these 3 main points – being hearing impaired, hearing impairment and a hearing impaired in a community. Firstly, being hearing impaired is to relate to self-emotion, self-manner and self-identity. Secondly, it is about what meanings and cause of hearing impairment are. Lastly, a hearing impaired in a community is about how the hearing impaired can cope in associating with normal people and has a sense of security and identity in a deaf community.

I was born as an hearing baby and later, I lost a hearing due to the illness. I really do not know what types of sounds are made but am sensitive to various vibrations (kinetic energies) from the sound energies. I have a high level of concentration curve (measurement at a period) in listening a sound vibration. When there is a noise, I could continue studying without being interrupted. I depend on my sighting for rest of my life. I start a conversation with a normal person and notice that the normal people are more responsive to the verbal approach than the written or signalled approach. Do you know it is not correct way to interrupt the conversation between a deaf and a hearing except an urgent response? But it can be not helped at all time because they can not change a habit. Sometimes, it is annoying me as I can not get their attention and do not want the uncompleted conversion. The hearing impaired people are more responsive to the written or signalled talks too.

Types of hearing impairment are mild, moderate, severe and profound.
Causes of hearing impairment are illness, physical trauma, overdosed medication, genetic and long-term exposure.

What is a distinction between hearing impaired and deaf? Hearing impairment is a medical/psychological and formal word that describe what a patient lacks or impairs sense or ability. Deafness is a literal/emotional and causal word that describe a person’s sense of identity and culture. “Deaf” is more preferred to call among us to “hearing impaired” although the latter is more formal and easy for hearing people to understand and respect the deaf. The hearing people are responsive on the 2 words differently. If you call yourself deaf, the hearing people think you are in low social class or disadvantage background. If you call yourself hearing impaired, they understand what you lack instead of your social class/background.

In a deaf community, the deaf feels more comfort in a conversation with another deaf because both feel the same identity, same language and same understanding. It is a same way that you feel comfort with your networks of same religions or cultures. In the opposite, many deaf have weakness in this community. They can not catch up with latest information from the hearing people. In addition, they have a problem of gossip addictions because there is small community that can pass information or message to every person. Their interests and knowlegde are very limited.  It is common to see some of them have low self-esteem and are in depression state. They try to be more arrogant and over-indulged.

In a family, there are some good parents who are willing to take care of deaf child. It is actually a big difficulty for the normal parents to raise the child. The handicapped child needs extra care and extreme attention. The parents are advised to visit the special community or association for guidance of how to raise the child and attend training lessons. They need to spend their time on talking with the child and encouraging her/him to join other normal children. It is common to see that the deaf child can not get a profound and good talk with their own family member. I notice that many deaf adults are on bad term with normal people even their normal family members due to shortage of a practical communication (either written or oral). They are very curious and will ask difficult questions. Some parents are still ignoring the deaf child’s difficult question because they do not know how to communicate with the child. This is an inappropriate way in the child’s development. If you want the child to be successful, please treat the child well instead of avoiding something that discourage you from the child’s development.


My Lunch at Benten Cafe

A lunch promotion at the Benten Cafe caught my eyes when i was passing by. It was so cheap than i thought. It is Japanese Western and partial Japanese Cuisine A set of soup of the day, main course, dessert of the day and a drink at just $9.90. My lunch set was Salmon and Kimchi (Korean spicy cabbage) pasta in soup, lime juice, milestone soup and mini macha parfait ($2 top up dessert). Without the top up dessert, you get a small scoop of strawberry. Yummy. The soup of the day was just average and did not satisfy my individual  taste as it has no strong taste of tomato. The main course was nice and heavenly. The dark spaghetti were good quality and quite crispy. The clear soup from the main course were pleasant and good. The topping on the main course is dried seaweeds. From the macha parfait, the ice cream of green tea was made of green tea powder with cream. It was delightful. I am crazy about that green tea ice cream but i do not like green tea syrup on the dessert. It was served with a piece of peach and a spoon of crispy corn flakes. Benten Cafe’s  Menus are pasta in soup, baked rice, baked curry rice, curry rice, beef hamburger, pasta in sauce and various creative desserts included toppings, fruits and pudding (from small to big). Also, it has appetizers and salad availability.

Value: Less than $30 (estimated on main course) Less than $20 for dessert.

Service: 2 of 5

Quality of food and beverage: 3.5 of 5

Where to find: Jurong Point Shopping Centre 1, #03-20/20A


Second Edition: I divided few sections but do not edit anything here. 

Genre: Horror, Disturbance and Action
Rate: 3 of 5

This current movie at a cinema has no subtitle. I can give a review on their action and behaves. In this poster, you see the skin was torn like snake’s skin was torn away. A sleeping man in a hibernate machine for a long period has an aging skin. You see another ugly figure. It is the aliens.

Two men woke up from the hibernate machine in an abandoned space ship and were recovering in their memory. One of them got out of a locked cabin while other remained in the controlling cabin and found something was wrong outside the main cabin. Outside, there were a lot of aliens that ate human flesh badly. (Yucky) You can see many aliens bite the screaming man’s torso. It makes me sick. He found few crews were alive but was not sure who he could trust due to fearful survives. Few greedy crews were not survived.  In the end, the huge wreck ship was actually in deep ocean  instead of an outer space. Few waking survivors managed to escape from the wreckage in the deep ocean and the ship sent automatically all sleeping people in the bed machines out of itself.


I am looking forward “The vampire’s assistant” and “Paranormal Activity” in coming months.


My Tea Break at Lobby Court of Swissotel

Second Edition: I changed the title but do not edit anything in the post.

I acknowledged a warming greeting from a Lobby Court waitress. I was impressed on a fine design at the lobby as it suited my favourite style. The design is classic, warm and wood colours, modern and sophisticated.  

I prefer red and sweet wine to white wine. I requested a sample of french red wine and was served the small amount of the wine sample. I did not satisfy with it but the waitress recommended the New Zealand red wine, Oyster Bay (its brand). That wine did satisfy my taste. Its taste is sweet sour, smooth and strong. I had fruity Danish. The fruity Danish was very nice and prefect heavenly.

Finger platter were simply average and common as i did not like deep fry at all time. But the fries on the platter were good.

I will go there again to grab a drink.

In a beginning

Second Edition: Correction of the errors

Hello. This is my first post to write. I had the previous blog. I realized how good my writing style is.  I had created a fresh blog – “myhumblejournery” in the URL. Let me brief its meaning. My” does not mean it is related in my private life but refers to what I learnt and what influence on my visualisation and philosophy.
“Humble” is a same meaning of ordinary but a profoundly literal word. I live with a simple and enriching lifestyle in the city (my country, Singapore is a full urbanisation) but am going to be an urban lady from sub-urban as I spend most of my times in CBD and city area. 
“Journey” is to walk in different atmospheres. I work to live during your time and appericate many things that are meaningful. I am growing up in different zones such as comfort, pain and hardship. Growing up is quite painful. Look at a 5 years old child. Tell me how innocent the child is. The child is more innocent than the adults!

 I live on my own without a parental support since I was in youth. I do not rely on my family for rest of my life with my disability. In my childhood dream, I longed to be a good explorer independently. In the end, I am the one now. I am hearing impaired profoundly since I was a baby. In addition, I do not wear any hearing aid because it does not help me at all time but I am responsive to a level of a vibration. (If you hope me to wear the hearing aid, it still does not work for me.) Why does it not work for me?

Let me state clearly. I learnt about the facts of hearing impairment when I was in secondary school (high school). I had the high fever that was caused by a chronic illness (I do not know what illness). When your auditory nerves in an inner ear that receive a signal of every sound and convert into a message and sent it to the brain are damaged and unable to be cured, you would lose a hearing. See fact   There are no cure in the present.

 Second post is coming soon…

 Inspired to write; Write to inspire